Guardians of the Supernatural (Second Edition)

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Coming from a woman’s perspective, Guardians of the Supernatural, helps to open our understanding to the power of a God-separated life… a life we must embrace, cherish, defend, and value, so we can live under the umbrella of power and spiritual authority God intended His people to walk in.

This second edition contains new material to add to your study.

1 review for Guardians of the Supernatural (Second Edition)

  1. Drusilla Johnson

    I grew up in a home where the foundation of God did not exist. I was raised in a Catholic Home and my understanding of, “Holiness”, was far from the guidlines and scriptures of the Bible.

    This book was an awesome read!!! I was so hungry for this topic so that I could have a deeper understanding of what is a lifegiving principle & God’s Blessings to,”WOMEN”, of modern day standard’s. I suggest this book to all, “WOMEN”, of today who have a desire to truly be Blessed all the Days of Her Life.

    p.s. I wish that I had this knowledge growing up, I could of bypassed all the wrong mindsets this world had entrapped & entangled me in.

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