Frequently asked questions about Summer Camp

What activities can I expect at Acts-Twenty9 Youth Summer Camp?

Activities include, but are not limited to:

Organized Recreational Team Games

*Due to the location of the swimming facilities on the campground, there will be no swimming activities this year.

Is there free time?

YES! Students have free time every afternoon and after every evening service. During these times they are able to participate in the following:

Hikes (Daytime only)
Hanging out with friends

As well as various other activities offered by the campgrounds

Where is drop-off and pick-up?

Check in/Drop-off is located at Christian Life Center on July 6, at 7:30 a.m.
9025 N. West Ln. Stockton, CA 95210

Students will check in at the church, and then load into vehicles to leave for camp.

Students return from camp to Christian Life Center on July 10, at 11:30 a.m. where they should be promptly picked up by their parent/guardian.

Where is Acts-Twenty9 Summer Camp?

Silver Spur Christian Camp
17301 Silver Spur Drive
Tuolumne Drive, CA 95379
(209) 928-4248

What do I need to pack?

You’ll need to bring the following:

Casual clothing for 5 days, under garments, recreational clothing, socks, and shoes, jacket or sweater
Soap, shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrush, deodorant
Towels, washcloths, pillow, your own bedding (sleeping bags)
Alarm clock, flashlight, batteries (optional items)
Bug repellent
Bible and notebook

Swimsuit: Ladies – swimwear should be worn with a t-shirt and shorts. Guys – no speedos. Bring swim trunks and a t-shirt.

Extra Money: There are concessions. We recommend that you don’t bring a lot of money, only what you think you will spend. Typically, $10 – $25 is plenty, as all meals are provided throughout camp.

Please Note: The dress standard upheld by Christian Life Center will govern all areas of dress at Summer Camp. We ask that all campers dress in a casual manner. We advise against the wearing of expensive clothing due to the rugged nature of our camp.

Young Men: In keeping with the spirit of the camp, no tight-fitted clothing, shorts, or tank- tops are to be worn in public. All shirts must have sleeves. Please keep haircuts conservative. No jewelry is to be worn at any time. All questions can be directed to the Camp Director.

Young Women: In keeping with the spirit of the camp, no tight-fitted or form fitted clothing, no shorts, no pants, and no sweats are to be worn in public. All skirts/dresses must cover the knees while seated. All shirts/blouses/outfits must have sleeves with a hands width length below the armpit. All shirts/blouses/ outfits must have a high neckline with (at most) two finger spaces below the collar bone and two finger spaces around the neck. Culottes are permitted during recreation time if they cover the knees and have the appearance of a skirt, otherwise skirts are to be worn at all times. If leggings are worn, skirt must cover the leggings to the knees. No jewelry or make-up is to be worn at any time.

What is not allowed to be brought to camp?

Please don’t bring these things to Acts-Twenty9 Summer Camp, as they are not in the spirit of the camp, and will be confiscated. Please note- students with these items may be at risk of being sent home early with no reimbursement:

Alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, weapons
Electronic devices: i.e. cell phones, cameras, smart watches, iPods, handheld games, etc.
Jewelry, make up
Items used to prank other campers

Please note: Student bag checks will be performed upon student arrival to Check-in. Any items found that are not in correspondence with the rules and spirit of Acts-Twenty9 camp will be confiscated and parents/guardians will be notified.”

How can I contact my student during camp?

If you need to speak with the camp staff or your child while we’re away at camp call us at Silver Spur Christian Camp (209) 928-4248.

To download the Summer Camp FAQ sheet as a PDF, click here.

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