Freedom Ministries Draft

Freedom Ministries Draft

We aim to help those struggling with hurts, habits and hang-ups find freedom through loving power of Jesus Christ. Freedom is a support group within the local community. The support staff of Christian Life Center’s Freedom Ministries works to create a safe, nurturing environment where we help men and women share their experiences, identify destructive patterns of behavior, and explore internal struggles that are impacting their lives. Participants of the program are worked with to deepen their awareness, communicate more effectively, and make more informed decisions.

We evaluate each person to assess how we can best support them in their transition. The participants are assigned a sponsor who will help them in creating a plan to obtain goals to overcome strongholds, repeat offenses, and conflicts within their life.

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We Provide Direction In Obtaining
• Employment/Worknet

• Education/GED

• Lost Social Security numbers

• Food

• CA Identification Card

• Clothing

• Healthcare/Medi-Cal/Dental

• Housing

Areas We Address
• Addiction/Recovery

• Self-harm disorders

• Adult Children of Abuse

• Trauma & Abuse

• Relationships

• Challenges at work

• Depression

• Grief & Loss

• Stress & Anxiety

• Life transition

• Personal Growth

• Codependency

• Body Images/Eating Disorders


WEDNESDAYS: In-Person @ 5:30 PM

West Lane Facility

9025 West Lane Stockton 95210


SUNDAYS: In-Person @ 8 AM

Hwy 99 Facility

4303 Christian Life Way Stockton 95212


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Michelle Butler has worked in the deliverance ministry for over 25 years and currently serves as our Director of Freedom Ministries. She grew up the youngest of 8 children and as a young girl suffered many years of abuse, which led to a young life of alcohol abuse as well as other self-destructive and compulsive behaviors.  She was in and out of treatment centers, institutions and counseling programs throughout her early years of life.
By the grace of God, she received the Acts 2:38 experience; she repented and was baptized in Jesus Name and filled with the Holy Ghost in 1989.



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